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Established in Charleston in 1938, Barnwell Whaley Patterson & Helms, LLC, represents and counsels businesses and professionals in both North and South Carolina, throughout the United States in Federal Court, and beyond.

With 75 years in business under the same banner, the firm’s 18 members and associates focus on the areas of complex civil litigation defense, patents, trademarks and intellectual property, professional malpractice defense, construction law, business law, business immigration, immigration litigation and products liability defense.

Barnwell Whaley is a full-service firm of seasoned lawyers supported by an experienced staff of paralegals, secretaries, science professionals, engineers, chemists, law clerks, accounting and administrative personnel totaling more than 25 staff members.

Barnwell Whaley attorneys serve and counsel businesses in Charleston, Wilmington, the Carolinas and throughout the country, and are engaged as counsel in several international matters involving intellectual property.

One of the central practice areas for Barnwell Whaley is its insurance defense practice, which represents numerous insurance carriers and self-insured businesses in the state. The firm is frequently retained to defend insured individuals and businesses who have been sued in various types of negligence actions, including professional liability and malpractice, products liability, construction defects, vehicular accidents, premises liability and other insured risks.

The common thread that connects all of Barnwell Whaley’s practice areas is complexity. Barnwell Whaley’ attorneys have been described by their peers as “lawyers’ lawyers.” The firm is frequently called by other attorneys to help at trial and is often selected to handle the most difficult cases in a company’s portfolio.

Barnwell Whaley is dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome for its clients. Often that means carefully and thoroughly preparing a case for trial and then trying the case to a decision. However, there are times when a thoughtfully negotiated settlement is the best interest of the client both emotionally and economically. In any case, the firm always puts the needs and best interests of its clients first.