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Liquor Liability Defense

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Liquor Liability Defense

Drink Driving

Barnwell Whaley Liquor Liability Defense Attorneys counsel clients on North Carolina and South Carolina liquor and premises liability laws and advise the best manner in which clients can protect their businesses and assets. We represent businesses and individuals who have been accused of violating liquor laws, as well as claims arising from individuals who have been injured in drunk driving or other accidents. Our personal injury attorneys use years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to help our clients achieve the best possible results.

Liquor liability is strictly regulated by both North Carolina and South Carolina statutes and case law. In both of the Carolinas, dram shop liability can sometimes apply to a bar, restaurant or liquor store that sells alcohol, as well as to social hosts in cases involving serving alcohol to minors. Our team has experience in this practice in the areas of:

• DRAM Shop liability claims (third party and minor)
• Social Host Liquor Liability
• Tavern-Keeper Liability
• Alcohol Liability

As equity members of the Barnwell Whaley firm, our Liquor Liability attorneys understand the potential devastating consequences a liquor liability claim can have on a business owner or individual. Each case and client is handled with prompt care as the team works together with the client to develop the best strategy to protect against a claim and any future impact on the client’s business, with a goal to minimize or completely avoid any potential damages. If litigation is necessary, the Barnwell Whaley Liquor Liability team is lead by nationally recognized litigators who will aggressively defend their clients in both state and federal courts.

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