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Business Immigration

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Business Immigration

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Barnwell Whaley has a long history of advising business owners, employers, investors and entrepreneurs. Barnwell Whaley attorneys counsel employers on the efficient use of current immigration law to address business goals. Whether your business seeks to petition for a visa for a potential employee, to use temporary agricultural workers, or to build or grow with capital from overseas investors, the Barnwell Whaley immigration attorneys have experience in non-immigrant professional visas relating to:


  • business visitor visas
  • visas for professionals
  • intra-company transfers
  • treaty investors, traders
  • professional trainees
  • religious workers
  • internationally renowned athletes, scholars, artists

Led by Mr. Bradley Banias, former attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation in the Department of Justice, the Barnwell Whaley immigration team assists those seeking immigrant visas and permanent residency status for professionals: internationally renowned athletes, scholars, and artists, professionals with advanced degrees, or skilled professionals.

Barnwell Whaley attorneys advise businesses interested in participating in the investor visa program, including regional center applications, investor visa petitions, and maintenance of regional center status.

In addition to visa work, Barnwell Whaley attorneys are available to assist businesses in compliance with extant immigration law and regulations through I-9 audits and review of employment records. In the event of an audit, we are adept at negotiating with federal agencies to achieve an amicable and fair resolution.

For visa applications or petitions that are denied or delayed, Barnwell Whaley provides immigration litigation options to challenge any such delay or denial to ensure your business goals and objectives are met.

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Brad Banias_7298-52x78Bradley Banias is an associate attorney at Barnwell Whaley. He has been practicing law since 2007.


B.C. Killough is a member attorney of Barnwell Whaley. He has been practicing law since 1979.


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