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Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development


Barnwell Whaley attorneys provide all services in connection with the purchase and sale of real property including title searches, procurement of title insurance, and preparation of deeds, mortgages, and other attendant documents. Our Real Estate and Development clients include:
• Owners
• Investors
• Franchisees
• Lenders
• Municipalities
• State Institutions
• General Business Clients

B.C. Killough is a licensed title insurance agent, having extensive experience with title searches and procurement of title insurance in the most difficult of situations. Our real estate team works efficiently and effectively to find creative solutions to your real estate needs.

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Construction Law
Condo, Property and Homeowners Association Law
Governmental Agencies
Intellectual Property
Timeshare Development


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B.C. Killough is a member of Barnwell Whaley. He is a licensed title insurance agent and has been practicing law since 1979.


small image of Charleston attorney Michael_BarfieldMichael Barfield  is a member of Barnwell Whaley. He has been practicing law since 2001.


small headshot of Guy Dabbs-BWPH associate attorneyGuy Dabbs is an associate attorney at Barnwell Whaley. He has been practicing law since 2011.

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